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I have a rut240 with installed a VPN HUB. The vpn has always worked in the right way. I was able to ping my client. Today i cant ping my client. The connections are right and client is running. What can i do to verify thet the HUB is ruuning in the right way?

Using quick connect function i can ping the client? Why using VPN HUBS it doesn't work?

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There have been issues with RMS recently, related to hubs created in Germany region. They are solved now, but in order for the hubs to be operable, there are certain actions you need to do.

Could you try to update VPN HUB clients configuration and certificates and then restart the HUB?
Another option would be to try to recreate a new HUB.
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Thank you very much!

Recreating HUB is working!

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