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RUTx11, if I understand correctly, only one SIM can be active at a time.
My setup with the rutx11 (RUTX_R_00.07.01.4)
  • Sim 1 Unlimited Data sim only, primary.
  • Sim 2 SMS/calls only, no data, secondary.
How can I receive the router GPS location (or other command feedback) via SMS/email without Sim 2 active permanently?
Switching SIM cards from 1 to 2 if no device is connected via wifi to the rutx11 would solve that. But I can't find such a rule trigger command and I'm no programmer. Is anyone able to help?
I appreciate your support!

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks Crowd support.

With RUTX11 you can get the router GPS information via SMS using Mobile utilities Service. You can get GPS coordinates, turn GPS on/off by an sms. To set this feature go to Services > Mobile Utilities > SMS Utilities. On SMS rules search for GPS Coordinates click the editing sign(Pencil), enable and enter the phone number to which the information will be sent to. Check the following link for more RUTX11 mobile utilities features .

For more technical support, please revert.

Kind regards,


Hello Shadrack,

thanks for your reply!
Yes, I'm aware of this method, but for that, the SMS-simcard needs to be active (primary), correct?
In my setup, my data sim card is primary to have a mobile data connection all the time.
(The data sim card has no ability to receive or send sms. it's a pure data sim card)
I don't think RUTx11 can react to SMS when the data sim card is primary.
I tested, but I had to make the SMS-card primary to receive SMS.

That's why I thought an option could be to switch sim cards depending on if a user is connected to the WiFi or not.

Looking forward to your reply!