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by anonymous
I'm currently working on upgrading the our fork of the SDK from to the latest release ( There I followed the instructions from here:

When running make it compiles - but I haven't yet tested the outcome. Because I wanted to activate and deactivate features as I did before with 00.02.

Just running `make menuconfig` and saving the config-file results in a lot changes in the .config-file. I'm afraid even breaking changes. (e.g. the kernel-version changes from `CONFIG_LINUX_git_git_teltonika_lt_teltonika_fml_linux_quic_git-HEAD=y` to `CONFIG_LINUX_3_18=y`)

How should this step be done to generate a firmware as close as possible to the one release?

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by anonymous

Firmware compiled with SDK should operate without any issues and be identical to the release firmware. Simply executing 'make', as instructed in the link, will result in the closest firmware to the release version, thus, I suggest to try the compiled firmware.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Yes, that's working, but if I want to change anything using make menuconfig (like activating or deactivating a package) it changes the .config vastly and the firmware built won't work anymore.
by anonymous
Could you share a screenshot or the logs of the failed build?
by anonymous
The built is OK; the built image doesn't work. Probably because of those changes in the .config. Especially the kernel-part.

CONFIG_LINUX_git_git_teltonika_lt_teltonika_fml_linux_quic_git-HEAD=y is becoming 'is not set' and CONFIG_LINUX_3_18=y .