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Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work, can you please advise if Rutos can do LTE IP Passthrough over a VLAN

I can do Passthrough over untagged port and it works fine, however I don't want to loose management, my idea is to create a trunk port where LTE IP Passthrough is done via a vlan interface where the TCR100 is passing a public ip to the vlan 99 of the Fortigate

however over a untagged portion of the Trunk  TCR is a DCHP client and get an IP of the Fortigate DCHP server,

I could not make it work, is that possible?

thank you

1 Answer

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Having tried various configurations I was not able to achieve your desired setup.

Could you share the configuration steps you have tried with the TCR in order to achieve this setup?
Hi ZygimantasBliu,

yes same for me, I tried to create another DCHP over VLAN from Teltonika just for testing, it all works fine: no vlan - 1 DHCP Server, VLANTAG - another DCHP server

the problem is LTE IP Passthrough it only works over the untagged interface: for example if you do LTE IP Passthrough  untagged port will recieve the mobile card ip, if you tag the interface of the end device - the device will receive the ip of the vlan dhcp server, so that setup works (the problem is I need that done  differently: sip ip  - tagged, dhcp cient  - untagged)

tried to assign mobileinterface to a vlan interface direclty  as well - does not work neither

for comparison Mikrotik routers alow to Passthrough the sim ip direclty over vlan or untagged interfaces so that means the modem is a client (of the upstream router) and a server (passing the sim ip) at the same time

is that something can be done about rutos in that regard please, pretty sure its a useful configuration, for example your "gateways" only have 1 port :)