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by anonymous

Looking at the Power over Ethernet options for the RUT240, I already looked at the following page but still I am wondering if my requested setup will work.

RUT240 Powering Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

We have a large medical device on one side, which can be powered by a wall adapter and has a battery (not sure for how long).
We have a ethernet cable to the LAN port of the medical device which is plugged into the LAN port of the RUT240 router device.
This RUT240 routers connect via WiFi to our network and forwards all data towards a receiving destination server.
Will I be able to power the RUT240 via the ethernet cable connection (LAN medical device - LAN RUT240)?

If yes: What exactly do I need to do in order to make this work?
If not: I will need to use the power cable on the RUT240 in order to receive power on the RUT240.

Thanks in advance for any replies or comments. Much appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Good afternoon.

Thank you for your request.

RUT240 can be powered by the passive POE protocol, the protocol implies the constant presence of voltage on the port.

To use this technology, you just need to connect a cable with POE to the LAN port of the RUT240.

The main thing is not to be confused with active POE (802.11at / af)

Thank you.
by anonymous
Thanks for your reply.
I am currently trying to make this happen but if i try this with a CAT5 ethernet cable, nothing happens.
If I have the correct working cable (which I think I have in my posession), the power light at the back of the RUT240 does not light up, nothing happens.
When it works, will the light be switched on immediately or do I have to change something?
by anonymous
RUT240 should work immediately after connecting POE, without additional settings, are you sure that you have configured Passive POE on your equipment connector?