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by anonymous
Been using a RUT950 with 6.08.2 in passthrough mode for a while..  
I was able to access the RUT950 remotely since I enabled the port forwarding rule for access while using passthrough..

Fast forward to me getting a RUTX11 to replace that RUT950.. It will not allow remote access with any version of software available for it..  
I have tested my RUT950 by upgrading to the latest 7.02.07 and it will no longer allow remote access even though I told it to retain settings.  
It seems the new V7 software is not allowing it for some reason as I can dowgrade on the RUT950 and set it up again and it works fine..  

Really wanting to figure it out as I am wanting to go the RUTX11..  


1 Answer

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by anonymous

What port forward are you referring to?

Do you mean some custom rules or the ones, which you can enable from the WebUI Administration -> Access control -> General section?

Have you tried to reset the device to factory defaults after update and reconfigure it from scratch on 7.02.07?

What error codes/messages are you presented, when trying to access the router?

Best regards,