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So Im using the RUT240 with an external antenna (MIMO LTE) and get some really good signal quality:

But I only get round about 20Mbps download speed.
Using THE SAME sim card in my smartphone at THE SAME location, I get up to 130Mbps!

I also tested with the small antennas which are shipped with thr router, same result.

Firmware: RUT2_R_00.07.02.7
No band lock (and even with: no better result!)

I know, the internet is full of those reports, I hope you can help me without your known tipp (new firmware, moving around,...).
There is no reason why the router should perform that bad, compared to my smartphone AT THE SAME LOCATION!

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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The signal quality is indeed very good.

In your case, I would consider the fact that RUT240 has only an LTE Category 4 modem, which, theoretically can achieve better performance, however, only under certain conditions. One of the major limitations of this category is that it is not capable of Carrier aggregation, which, if other bands offer similar performance, would provide a significant increase in speeds. Even a single band performance of this modem is inferior compared to higher category modems. Depending on the modem used in your phone, I assume that might be the case.

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