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I cant seam to find some example url for the ddns service with the custom update URL.

not in the wiki, no matter what firmware version I checked.

not in the manual, no matter what Teltonika product I checked.

not here in the forum, where I only found that it had a bug some time ago (13 Months) but no further notice regarding this issue:

so does andybody actually know how to pull "hostname" "username" and "password" into that "custom update url"?

I heard the Teltonika RUT is awesome, hence I bought a 955, but I just now discovered that the manuals and also the wiki is really not that exthausive at all...

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I assume, that the actual URLs should be provided by DDNS service providers, as in the following link in by Dynu DNS:

Best regards,

Thank you kindly for your response.

Indeed the actual URL is provided by the DDNS service provider, it wont work otherwise, thats their wiki.

What I would like to know is what I have to put as placeholder into the provided URL to pull the data from the fields in the RUT interface, So I dont have to edit a URL with 200 characters in a field that shows 50, but could build it for all my devices and just jump into the WebUI and copy paste the Password and the dynamic FQDN into the fileds in the RUT Web UI and be done with.

currently I have the whole URL inlcuding the "data" in the custom update URL filed, I want to separate it with placeholders.

this is waht i use


this is waht i want


wired, i cant seam to get a codeblock in here...