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by anonymous
I have a RUT956 running RUT9M_R_00.07.02.7 and am trying to verify whether it has modem connectivity or not. After a fresh setup (factory reset and new basic/advanced setup applied several times) the modem reports to be connected and reports having an IP address - but if I try to get this verified by e.g. pinging (System\Admin\Troubleshoot\Diagnostics) or updating the package list there are no replies. So I seem to be stuck at stis stage (I want to set up a Modbus RTU master and push data through MQTT). Does anyone see a clue in the attached log, or have any suggestions from previous experience?

PS. The SIM-card is a data only (no public IP) that has been verified to work using another 4G modem.
by anonymous

Having fiddled with the advanced setup of the modem interface (setting it to force connection and adding a custom dns I was able to refresh the package list and download 1 package...BUT only once (!).

After that refreshing stopped working, I cannot retrieve any packages etc...Going back and forth with the same advanced settings does not do anything either.

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by anonymous


Based on the logs your device performs a successful data connection, but then gets disconnected. 

Could you enquire your ISP if is the correct APN value, or try disable Auto APN in Network -> Interfaces mobile interface settings and simply set an empty Custom APN field?

Otherwise, I would like you to perform a modem module firmware update. For instructions, check this thread. Your modem ID is 1-1.4, latest firmware: SLM750_VE_4_0_17.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Updated the modem firmware, and tried with an empty APN field....

Got it to run for a short period could download to opkg packages, then tried pinging which failed and then it stopped working again..

If only things were a bit more plug and play :-O