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by anonymous
I am trying to connect, using RMS, to a RUT240.
WebUI is reachable
When I click "Generate", I receive the error message "Failed to add public key to a router"
Grateful for any suggestions

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It might be that the /tmp/ directory, which is used for certificate generation in your router, is full.

To solve this, it is suggested to either reboot the router, or, if possible, remove temporary files from there.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Rebooting hasn't worked.  I'll have to go to site to get at the /tmp/directory.

Where is the /tmp/ directory?  I've looked at another Rut240 I do have access to and it's not obvious.

Thanks,  Richard

by anonymous

If you were to connect to the router via SSH, to get to to the directory you would need to simply execute the following command: 

  • cd /tmp.

If you connected, for example, with WinSCP, it would be within the list, displayed immediately after login.

If that does not help, could you provide a serial number of the device? I would have someone to try to look at the router from RMS side if the router is connected to the internet.

by anonymous

winscp and secure shell are probably beyond my expertise.

I'll simply connect my windows pc to the rut240 lan connection and go to

Once physically connected and logged in, under which menu heading is /tmp/ directory?

by anonymous
That directory is not reachable via web interface.

However, if the reboot did not help, could you send me the serial of the device, and a screenshot with the error message visible in a private message. I would ask someone to look into it.