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I am running RUTX_R_00.07.02.7 and having some issues with DNS resolution. The symptoms to start with were that the router couldn't connect to RMS or check for software updates, and trying to ping a destination showed every address resolving to Using the CLI and specifying the Google DNS servers in a lookup resolved without issue. Pinging via IP address worked fine.

I have discovered that the response of is coming from a broadband router that is on the wan interface but doesn't have an upstream connection yet - if I send DNS requests to the router IP then it returns for everything. This interface is 2nd in priority on the failover list, and it is turned off in the failover list. The primary connection is mob1s1a1. I have manually configured DNS on mob1s1a1 and wan to, but the local DNS resolver on the RUTX router still seems to be forwarding queries to the broadband router that has been assigned via DHCP.

Is there a DNS forwarding address that is configured at a higher level than the WAN interfaces? How can I stop the router using this DHCP-assigned address? Looking in /etc/config/network shows "option peerdns 0" for both interfaces.

I understand the best way to fix this would be to have a broadband router that doesn't return junk results when it has no connection to the internet (though I think if the DNS forwarding address doesn't follow whatever connection is online in the failover settings it would send requests that timed out), but it's ISP equipment and seeing this strange failure mode is helpful to find out and work around before we go live on this location.

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Thank you for bringing this up.

Could you also provide the troubleshoot by attaching it to your question, where it would be possible to see your configuration and some logs. Make sure you replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Best regards,

Thanks, I have uploaded the troubleshoot file now. I had it in the original draft of my post but it got deleted, but I am running the ZeroTier package which is how I still have remote access to this device. That's the only package installed.

A couple of options that could be tested. These, however, are implemented by editing some configuration files by CLI/SSH:

  • file /etc/config/network
    • dns_metric option can be added to prioritize DNS servers. 0 means highest priority. For example
config interface 'wan'
  option dns_metric '100'
  • file /etc/config/dhcp
    • you can add strictorder option, meaning that then servers will be used one by one as ordered in resolv file. Example:
config dnsmasq
  option strictorder '1'