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by anonymous

I have 2 moxa E1242 with the same IP (, i need to connect the devices with the peer to peer settings.

So, i setted the 2 rut955 for a remote connection with ZeroTier, (i can access the webUI via https, and the moxa via http, using a port forward on 80 port).

this is the port forward for the moxa, (on the 9020 port), but it doesn't work.

idk why :C

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Do I understand correctly: you are able to access the moxa via ZeroTier, but it is over port 80 and you need it over port 9020? I also assume, that you have followed the instructions provided here.

Could you share your network topology?

At first sight it appears, that you need to have both moxa devices set with differing IP addresses. Then you need to configure peer-to-peer within the moxa devices. Also, isn't the port 9020 used for communication between peers, not Web interface access?

You could also try opening port 9020 in the Network -> Firewall -> Traffic rules section.   

Best regards,

by anonymous

if i connect to zerotier vpn, i can see the web interface of the moxa using http and the ip of vpn. If i use the https i can see the webui of teltonika. ( ---> Moxa / --> Teltonika).

My client needs all the ip devices to be the same (LAN).

between the 2 router i can ping using the system-administration-troubleshoot-diagnostics.

For the moxas i need to use port 9020 to abilitate the peer to peer function, but even if the port 9020 is open, the 2 moxas do not communicate with each other. i tried using the tcp dump, but i didn't saw a single trial on the 9020 port. i can't figure out where it hangs.

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by anonymous

or like this 

moxa1( → router1( → ZeroTier (10.147.17.A:9020) → ZeroTier (10.147.17.B:9020) → router2( → moxa2( 

Here the link for the 2 dumps, the router1 is correctly sending to the 10.147.17.B on the port 9020, but the router2 on the port 9020 has →

by anonymous

There is a general networking issue with your basic configuration.

At lieast for testing purposes, could you place Router2 and Moxa2 in different subnets and see if the connection works? For example -  router2( → moxa2(, as current setup might be creating routing issues.