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Hi, I have been gifted an 'old' RUT950 which I want to setup for use in my RV. What would be the latest Bootloader / Firmware versions that I can load without bricking the Router?  If I click the "Check for New FW" in the Web UI, it returns "error" as shown in the attached screenshot.

Unit details are as follows;  

Model - RUT950 1010M0.  Batch No. 0002.  HW rev 0202   Serial No. 05158545

FW -  RUT9XX_T_00.00.932    Build date. 2015-02-12    Kernal Version. 3.10.36

Many thanks

1 Answer

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That is a really old device.

You will need to start by updating the bootloader. I will send you the bootloader file. 

Below are detailed step-by-step instructions how to upgrade router's bootloader:

  • First of all please set static IP address on your network interface (e.g.
  • Use private/incognito Web browsers window with cleared/disabled cache
  • Power on the device while holding reset button. Flashing all 4 Ethernet LEDs indicates that bootloader’s webserver has started.
  • Access router via web browser
  • Upload new bootloader's fw "uboot_for_tlt_rut9xx_3.0.1_webui".
  • Wait few minutes. Routers LEDs should stop flashing. Only LED with LAN cable connected to that port should be active.
Next you will need to update the router's firmware:
In a similar way, you will need to access the bootloader menu, however, this time, instead of, the URL you will need to use is Try uploading the latest legacy firmware image, which can be downloaded from here

Best regards,