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by anonymous

I am trying to bridge 2 AP & Client. AP and Client are working but if I change the LAN DHCP mode to relay I am computer on the client side is not getting the IP address I found the following article in the WIKI but a lot of things are missing and not clear
by anonymous
Thank you for the quick reply it is working now I was missing the relay package

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by anonymous


I would help if you were more specific on what exactly is missing and not clear in the referenced configuration example.

Below is a list of things you should verify in your configuration:

  • Both RUT955 routers are in different subnets.
  • The first RUT device, connected to the internet has DHCP server enabled in its LAN interface settings.
  • The second RUT has Relay configuration package installed.
  • The second RUT is connected as a WiFi client to the first RUT. Please check this video for instructions.
  • After above are configured and verified, in the second RUT's LAN interface settings, scroll to the bottom and enable Relay for your wireless interface, then scroll up to DHCP server and disable it. Save the settings. You should have no issues now.

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