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by anonymous

There is something weird with data usage information in WEB UI of my RUTX09 with FW 07.02.7. Inever noticed this with previous FW (previous one I used for some time was 07.02.4).
The data amount reported on a day basis (e.g. when selecting "Total") seems overestimated and not constant in time, such when I look at the consumption to past days it changes from one day to another day. E.g. when I looked yersteday (so the 16th) to 15th November data usage I think it was around 2.4GB, today it becomes 3.9GB for received and 0.3GB for sent !!!
Also the total amount reported for this SIM is not the same as the one reported in Status/overview: 11.3GB in Status/Mobile Usage/Total, while it is 9.2GB in Status/Overview. Last one seems correct from my perspective when I look at operator data consumption information. Following some screenshot to document, and I join as well a troubleshoot file.
Any hints ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Regarding the second paragraph, is the issue the rapid increase in data consumption?

As for data measurement discrepancies, several issues have been reported and discovered in how data is measured, when data limit is enabled, and how data is represented in the WebUI.

They should be solved with 7.3 firmware.

Best regards,
by anonymous

The issue is that data usage reported in Status/Mobile Usage/Total did not match the one reported in Status/overview, and very likely the root cause is erronous amount of data indicated for the 15th of November.
Status/Mobile Usage/Total seems more consistent and match Status/overview. In the screenshot below you can note that there are only around 2GB (DL) reported for the 15th of November while this morning it was around 3.9GB... So weird !

by anonymous

This morning same issue as yesterday morning...Status/Mobile Usage/Total does not match what is reported in Status/overview. Now it seems that it is reported amount of 16th of November that is wrongly overestimated in Status/Mobile Usage/Total: Almost 3GB more than yersterday !!!