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by anonymous

My company uses Rut240 for remote assistance. Using RMS service anche RMS hub i can create vpn connection and connect my device. Time, on device Rut240, must be correct otherwise RMS service doesn't works. Before shipping my machinery, I set rut240 using my local time and my local time zone utc/gmt. It works fine. But if i ship rut240 to a a other country utc/gmc won't be correct so the time and RMS wont be able to connect. Does rut240 adjust time also with wrong time zone? How can i resolve this problem?


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by anonymous


RMS does not tolerate discrepancies bigger than a few minutes, however if you are synchronized in accordance to the time zone, there should not be issues connecting to RMS.

Otherwise, if the destination time zone of the routers is known, it could be configured before shipping the devices. 

Also, in router's NTP settings, you can reduce the timer value to update time and also enable Operator Station Synchronization on top, if the device will be used via mobile connection.

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by anonymous
Thank you very much!

Will clock be updates  also with wrong Time Zone using NPT service? Or it Time zone must be correct in order to use NPT service?

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by anonymous
The device will receive synchronization in accordance to the time zone selected.
by anonymous
Thanks for tu support.

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