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by anonymous

I have a RUTX11 FW VERSION RUTX_R_00.07.02.7 

WWan Configured with IPv4 and IPv6

A Wireguard tunnel over IPv6 

Works like a charm 

If I'm at specific locations I have WiFi, autologon to the WiFI als Client works, with IPv4 OR IPv6 NOT both together.

(I can switch to DHCP than I have only an IPv4 address or I can switch to DHCPv6 than there is only an IPv6 address... the advanced setting Use builtin IPv6 Management switch is set to On)

If I use IPv6, the Routing Metric(Status > Routes > IPV6 Routes) is at the wlan0 ::/0 = 512, on the wwan0 ::/0 = 3

The Metric is not Changeable for the WiFi Client Interface. 

In the Failover Section (Network > Failover) the wlan0 interface is at metric 2 with the Status Offline, the wwan0 (mob1s1a1) on metric 3 with the status Online.

The Track IP is set to an IPv6 IP that is pingable via the router console, but it is shown as Offline. 
in the Log I can see :

 user.warn mwan3-init[17462]: invalid ipv6 address specified for rule default_rule

I can not set an ipv6 source address in the default_rule.

the wireguard tunnel should be IPv6 so I'm asking for a change in the failover management to support IPv6, or in the WiFi Client interface that there is support for IPv4 and IPv6 

Or, better: Have anyone an Idea what I'm doing wrong? ;) 

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Current implementation of failover only works with IPv4. IPv6 support is being developed, however, it is scheduled to be included only in 7.5 firmware release, which will not happen in a near future.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Thank you for your answer.
Is there a possibility to get dual stack support for the WiFi Client Interface so that the Router can get a IPv4 and a IPV6 Address?