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This is the first time I am trying to set up a RUT950, I have installed a sim into Sim1 draw, but the unit is not recognising that a SIM is installed

I assume I have made a mistake somewhere as I know the Sim works

Any help greatfully received

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The logs indeed show that the SIM is not inserted.

Is the device you have new or used?

Have you tried slot 2 of the device?

Could you try device reset to default settings and update to the latest firmware?

Best regards,

Its a new device, and I have tried slot 2 as well....Will try and do a default reset and update the firmware

Thank you so far for getting back to mesmiley

Thanks for the suggestions on this.

We've reset the device to factory defaults and upgraded the firmware to the latest release. Following that we've reinserted the SIM card and it is now seeing it and it's connecting to the network.

However, it's not giving us a stable connection because it keeps going up and down - going between a 4G connection down to being disconnected completely. All four external aerials are attached, and the SIM has previously been used a dongle and we've haven't experienced any problems with that, so presumably something is still not right with the router as opposed to it just being an issue with reception.

Is there anything else we could try? Thanks.

A new troubleshoot file would be needed from your device to check for possible causes, however, the first thing I would suggest to try is to configure custom APN for mobile interface.

To do it, if by the latest firmware you mean 7.02.7, simply access router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces, edit mobile interface settings, disable Auto APN slider button, set APN to -- Custom -- and enter custom value according to your service provider. See if that helps.

Best regards, 

Thanks for assisting further with this. We've made a bit of progress, but it's not quite working still.

I have disabled the Auto APN setting and replaced with the custom value for Vodafone. That now allows us to have a stable connection according to the status provided. However, when users connect to the WIFI network they are unable to connect to the internet.

As such I have updated the case with a newer troubleshooting file to provide further information. Thanks.