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I have activated the access point on the RUT240 (without hotspot function).

Everything works fine, except that I can not connect with the iPhone to the access point (invalid password).

I tried everything with different settings.

On the iPhone:

- Reset connection

- Restart

On the RUT240:

- New SSID

- New Password

- Changed every setting in Wireless Security

Connection with my Macbook works without any problem.

Current Wireless Security Settings:

- Encryption WPA2-PSK

- Cipher Force CCMP (AES)

Of course, the firmware and the bootloader are up to date.

Any ideas?

Thanks, macboe


2 Answers

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I just have tested the exact scenario you described and it works. Have you tried resetting the router configuration and reconfigure? Can you send me troubleshoot file via private message for further analysis of the problem?
I have reset the router and reconfigured it. Unfortunately it didn't work. Even my Macbook has not connected anymore. I'm sending you 2 troubleshooting files (old and new configuration). Maybe its just a setting problem. Thanks
I have exactly the same problem. Macbook connects, but not the iphone...

Let's try something different. Don't provide WAN to the router and try to connect to routers Wi-fi. Do you get connected status and does the connection drop later?
Good Morning

I disconnected from the WAN. After that, the MacBook connected to the Wi-Fi network and the connection remained after I reconnected to the WAN. The iPhones still have no WiFi connection (tested with two iPhone 7).
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After several resets and tests with various devices this is my result.

The wifi only works up to about 2 meters, after that there is no connection. But the connection is still displayed on the devices with full reception. After googling the problem, I came across Tom's post in the Teltonika forum, which describes exactly this problem. So far, there seems to be no solution, which makes the device practically useless.

Tom's post: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/1693/rut240-wireless-wifi-module-problem