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by anonymous
We are having an issue with Teltonika RUT240 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Routers, which keep getting crashed and need rebooting (unplugging) to uncrash. We have also tried Auto Reboot but it didn't help the situation. The frequency with which this phenomenon occurs is approximately once a week and it is unprofitable to constantly send company personnel to restart them as they are installed in PV parks located in a different city from our headquarters.

The devices are under warranty.

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by anonymous


Could expand on "device crash"? Does it loose internet connectivity or becomes completely unresponsive?

What configuration changes have you made within the device? 

Do you have any additional packages installed?

What is the environment in terms of temperature and humidity, where the devices are being stationed?

What firmware version are the devices running?

Could you send me a troubleshoot file from one on the problematic devices? To generate the file, access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

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