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by anonymous

I want to use the unlimited data plan of my 4g phone (Samsung A13) and provide [wireless] internet access to a rut241 device.

I want the 2 devices to be bridged wirelessly  , and the rut241 will provide wifi access to a number of users.

The rut241 will not have a sim , its there to provide the wifi access mainly.

The phone will connect only to the rut241, via hotspot or other wireless method, the users will not connect directly to the phone.

I checked the bridge mode on the wiki , but i cannot find instructions for a phone-to-rut241 bridge.

I understand that a usb or ethernet tethering option would be better, and that the speed of the connection will be slow to the final users, but i don't have these options.

Thanks in advance.

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by anonymous


Set your mobile phone as a wireless access point and follow instructions provided in this video:

Best regards

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by anonymous

Thank you very much for the helpful answer !yes