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Hi @ all,

so im trying to get a Teltonika RUT240 in an existing network with The Problem here is that it should do IPSec to the main Network, but is already taken. (At the moment there is a Linux Server that creates a OpenVPN Connection to a server in the main network. And thats so ugly...)

I dont want to chance the local network to another ip range, because there is no DHCP in the network(sensitive hardware, etc ...).

Is it possible to create a DNAT with custom rules for the IPsec Tunnel? Let's say i get a IPSec Tunnel with from my administrator, does the teltonika need to have the ip 172.10.10.x?

And if so, can he still route the network to the network?

Thanks in advance,


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What firmware version you are using for RUT240? Can you draw a topology of what you like to achieve?



so as you can see, there is a OpenVPN Tunnel between the Laboratory-A and the Office-A. Because is already in the Main-Network, the subnet is only available in the Office-A.

What im trying to do:

I hope there is a way to get a NAT between the Office Firewall and the Laboratory Router to get a IPSec Tunnel working.

The easiest way is to chance the Laboratory network from to something like but i'm not able to change all of the ip-adresses.

We are using Firmware Version:
Firmware versionRUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1

Thanks in advance.