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Is it possible to remotely access through RMS for example http service of a device connected to Teltonika RUTxxx LAN?
Is it possible to remotely control the I/O outputs of for example RUT955 through RMS?

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Yes, it is possible. The RMS itself doesn't offer I/O management, but if the device connected to RUT955 has WebUI, then it can be reached through RUT955.

If you would like to connect to your external device through RMS, then you should follow these instructions on RMS:

1. Add your router to RMS;
2. In the bottom near the router on "Actions" section click an information symbol to open detailed information;
3. In the top menu ribbon click on "Actions" section to droplist and select "Access";
4. In the device access window click the "+" icon to add the device you would like to reach;
5. Enter all the information required;
6. Scroll down to the bottom to find table with added devices and click on the one you just added;
7. Click on "Generate view" to create a token with the link to connect to your device.
I have tried this but can not access the lan device

I have also the same problem with RUT950. I could connect thru RMS with my lan connected devices, before upgrade RUT system to newest one.( I am not sure that is the reason -mayby i change same setting unconsciously.

Now I get this message "An error has occured while trying to browse through the proxy. 

Failed to connect to device. Possible problems are that the server was not found, the connection timed out, or the connection refused by the host. Try connecting again and check if the address is correct."

I try with different devices.