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Hi, I am having some problems with the MQTT configuration on the Teltonika RUT955. I am trying to configure MQTT Bridge communication with an external MQTT broker.

This is my configuration within the Teltonika web interface:

Both TLS/SSL and remote login are enabled. But when I try to connect I get an error - when I try to find mosquitto process in the CLI it does not exist, the mosquitto service does not start (note that the local broker is working as intended with broker functionality disabled).

When I inspected the the actual /etc/mosquitto.conf configuration file that is supposed to derive from the settings on the web interface and I see two things:

  1. The certificate properties are empty - there should be a path to the uploaded file
  2. The topic is missing

The actual mosquitto process does not start because the topic is not configured altough it is activated in the web interface. So when the process starts an invalid configuration error is displayed.

As soon as I manually add the topic (I just add the line 'topic # both 0 "" ""' to the end of the conf file the broker configuration is again valid and the process starts (this is in the case if I dont use TLS/SSL configuration otherwise a missing certificate file error is shown).

Any idea why the uploaded certificate files and topics are not configured in the mosquitto.conf?

Here is also the interface conf file that holds all the config info that should be applied in the mosquitto.conf file:

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

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RnD already got notified regarding this issue, fixes will be included into the next main branch firmware release.

If firmware with a fix is needed sooner, then PM me and I'll send you a test version after it will pass our testing department.