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My RUT950 will not connect to LTE using a contract data only SIM. It connects to the LTE mobile network but is not allocated a WAN IP address so there is no data connection.

The RUT950 Firmware version is the latest RUT9XX_R_00.06.02.2_WEBUI.bin and I have also tried the earlier firmware too that was originally installed, all exhibiting the same problem.

Extensive testing and attempts have been made to solve this. Testing the same RUT950 alongside an alternative contract data and calls SIM and revealed the following behaviour

Mobile Configuration Service Mode “3G only” selected. Using Network Operator’s contract data only SIM: Connects with 3G data. Pass.

Mobile Configuration Service Mode “3G only” selected. Using Network Operator’s contract data & calls SIM: Connects with 3G data. Pass.

Mobile Configuration Service Mode “Automatic” selected. Using Network Operator’s contract data only SIM: No LTE data connection. Fail

Mobile Configuration Service Mode “Automatic” selected. Using Network Operator’s contract data & calls SIM: Connects with LTE data. Pass.

I will be contacting the Network Operator to try an alternative contract data only SIM or if they can explain anything about the SIM behaviour or difference.

If this is unsuccessful I may approach Teltonika about a replacement and perhaps they can investigate the problem in the returned device’s internals as done for EddZig. I am happy to message and send a troubleshooting file if that could help beforehand.

Since this LTE connection issue appears to be a wider problem than my own RUT950 router, here are all the other open reports collated from investigating and trying to solve the problem so far

Possibly affected devices: RUT240, RUT950, RUT955

Threads:  (see Josh H comment)


One further related question also discovered where a user is reporting the same issue.

To clarify on the problem report: Both SIMS are phone and data contract. Both SIMS connect to 4G correctly in a phone. But only one of the SIMs gives a data connection in the LTE950 and this SIM is the one used for testing borrowed from a phone rather than the SIM intended in the mobile data setup.

I have supplied a troubleshooting file to Teltonika

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Thank you for your patience.

New RUT9 firmware is now available, in which all described mobile data issues should be resolved. You can download latest RUT9 firmware from here:

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This referred to the firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.03.2

Hi, I have a same issue with the new firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.03.2) on RUT950. The router is connected to GSM network, but no data transfered with SIM from T-Mobile (CZ) or Telefonica O2 (CZ) providers. Interested is, that data SIM from Vodafone (CZ) is working correctly with this new firmware.

I fixed this issue by downgrading firmware to RUT9XX_R_00.04.153_WEBUI.bin, but that isn´t clear solution.

Is it possible to fix it in new firmware? I would like to provide RUT950 with the newest firmware.

Thank you for your answer, Lukas.


This issue was solved by installing new firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.04 | 2019.07.24

Now it works, thank you for fix and help.

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Yes, please provide a Troubleshoot file first. If it's a software issue you will not be eligible for warranty. So it's better to check all other options first, maybe we'll be able to help remotely or release a quick fix for the issue.

You seemed to be well versed in Teltonika products, but just in case - a reminder:

  • You can download the Troubleshoot file from the router's WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.
  • Please make sure that you reproduce the issue before downloading the Troubleshoot file. i.e., make sure that the data connection has failed before you download the file. (Otherwise I won't be able to see the issue in the logs.)
  • Keep in mind that the Troubleshoot file contains your router's configuration. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove any confidential information from your configs (like email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) Certificate and password information is not visible, so there's no need to remove that.
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Hi, I am having similar problems connecting to a mobile network.

My thread is

I have provided a troubleshoot file to a member on here, but am wondering if you could provide me with where you have sent to Teltonika directly.

Much appreciated if you could forward this.


Looking at your thread, Vytautas who is a member of the Teltonika team was asking you to send the troubleshoot file via private message. The Teltonika team will then need a little time to investigate and respond.
MTR, thanks for getting back to me. I'm currently speaking to Vytautas now. Hoping he can work some magic!!
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There has been no response from the Teltonika team to the troubleshoot file yet, and it looks like a similar problem is being reported here by another user

However I have found new firmware here that fixed the problem here

It would be good to hear an explanation of what is happening. It could be related to the larger mobile operator's SIM changes as they move to dual stack and IPv6 wherever possible.

We have resolved this issue in latest RUT9 firmware version. Currently new firmware is undergoing our internals tests. Once these tests will be completed, new firmware version will be uploaded to our wiki page.

We will let you know once new firmware will be available.
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I have also dealt with this same issue. The only fix I have found is installing an old firmware version from 2017:


If I reset the router it will show a disconnect status, and if I install the latest firmware it does the same thing. I mess with all the mobile settings with no avail. But this firmware version connects to the tower and turns on wifi as soon as you go through the setup wizard. I am unsure if any other firmware versions work, but so far this version has worked flawlessly.

I bought this router used and it worked right out of the box broadcasting internet. The only problem was I didn't have the password to log into the router. So I did a manual reset and lo and behold I no longer was connected and was given a disconnect status. Since I had lost all the original settings, I messed around with mobile settings to no avail, so I searched for a newer firmware and stumbled across this one from 2017. I installed it, went through the wizard and everything worked flawlessly. A week later I found the latest firmware and installed that, and couldn't get the router to connect again. So I reinstalled version 3.49 and have stuck with it since.

I noticed that this version is not available from teltonikas official firmware page, after you scroll to the bottom. I can't remember exactly from where I downloaded it from originally but it appears to be downloadable from here:

BTW I have heard that this router uses your mobile hotspot data from your plan and not your regular data. So if you are using a sim from your phone and don't have any mobile hotspot data, I'm not sure this router will work for you. I go through $60 a month for unlimited data and no throttling. This router is actually recommended for use on their website and the reason I bought it.

I hope this helps, I'm not sure if there is another fix for this. If you find out, let me know.
Searching for the solution for the same issue since many weeks, no success. Tried 4 different FWs, ... The worst device and company ever! Zero support!
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Rut950, latest Version 06.06.1

In Germany everything was fine. Went to netherlands and now mobile is always disconnected. What can i do?
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Hi from Greece!
I have this problem for now almost a year. Right now, I have the latest firmware (now 6.06.1). Still it bugs.  
I am convinced it's a RUT950's software problem, because I can fix it manually by doing this:
I switch from Connection type NCM to PPP. Wait 2-3 minutes. Then switch back from PPP to NCM. Wait 2-3 minutes again and then it's Connected & Registered. No reboot.
My carrier is Vodafone 4G GR and I have a static IP.  
I found this solution after a lot of searching in this forum, under various topics (disconnected modem, unregistered issues, fail to obtain static IP, etc). And still, it is not fixed since the firmware v5 !!!
Therefore, I switched RUT950 to be my secondary connection router, using another's manufacturer LTE router as a primary one.

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Got any other RUT950 with the Quectel LTE modules to check ? Looks like your device has an old HW version
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I do, but its km away.

Btw, if HW version is the problem, why Teltonika says that one firmware fits all RUT950 models?