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by anonymous
we have recently got 2 pcs of TRB245 that according to catalogue have LTE4.

tested with all operators and speeds are very low than expected. a steady maximum it was 15-16 Mbps with some spikes at 35-40Mbps.

LTE signal is -48 to -55 dbm. same sim card gives 80 - 90 Mbps tested on Iphone or android device.

is there any specific config or firmware that affects LTE connection?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The difference in speeds can be explained by the fact that LTE cat4 modems are not capable of carrier aggregation, which would be a significant factor in regards to increased performance. Your iphone and android devices might also employ some form or MIMO and other advanced signal processing techniques, missing in TRB245.

I would suggest to try setting custom LTE bands, to look for possible improvements. You can do it in the WebUI, by going to Network -> Mobile -> General section and switching to Manual option of Band selection setting. A different antenna can also be tested. 

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