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I have a RUT240 in Bridge Mode and there was a major power outage. When power came back on the RUT240 did not manage to register to mobile network. The Status LED were blinking 2G => 3G => 4G ("Access denied" according to the manual). After serveral hours RUT240 could still not register to the mobile network. Other devices e.g. mobile handset had no problem getting Internet Access via the same mobile ISP.

I had to drive 2x 70km just to login to RUT240 and manually click "(Re)register". After that the RUT240 could connect and get Internet Access.

Is it very bad design that RUT240 can get stuck in registering-phase and not being able to get out of if (by re-registering) by it self! If this is the case I will have to remove the RUT240 and replace it. I really hope this issue will be fixed.

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Hard to say what was wrong with your router. Would be great if you could download a troubleshoot package from router when issue is appeared. Then we could check what is happening.

Also, you could try to set ping reboot option which automatically restart router when internet connection is lost: