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I have an RUTX11 which has performed well for the last few years. Using a UK EE SIM, I routinely see 100Mbps+ download and 30 - 40 Mbps upload (according to Ookla SpeedTest).

However, since January 1st, whilst the download speed has remained at 100Mbps+, upload struggles to beat 5Mbps. Nothing has changed with respect to location, aerials etc. EE say nothing has changed from their perspective. The degradation is real as I've been unable to stream to Facebook.

The firmware in the RUTX11 was dated to 2020 so I updated it to the latest but this made no difference. My next step is a factory reset.

Are there any features of the router that will assist me in finding what the issue is?

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Thank you for reaching out!

Reset to factory defaults would definitely be needed after such a drastic jump in firmware versions, however, if the issue appeared in the old firmware version there might be some other variables at play here:

  • Could you test the speed using different speed test servers?
  • Could the speed test be run directly on the router? This can be done by navigating to System → Speed Test;
  • Could you test the speed by putting the SIM card into your mobile phone and running a speed test there?
  • Perhaps antenna placement was altered before it happened?
  • Finally, please generate a troubleshoot file and attach it to the original post. It will only be visible to Teltonika moderators. Troubleshoot file can be generated by navigating to System → Administration → Troubleshoot.
It does seem suspicious that this started happening on the 1st of January, however, it's hard to say what could be the cause before knowing the answers to my questions.


Best regards,

Thanks so much for the response. I won't have access to the router again until the weekend but:

  • I will try the reset.
  • I can try using different speed tests but I believe the reported drop in upload speed to be legitimate as we're no longer able to stream. We can see from Facebook and our streaming hardware that the upload speed is insufficient.
  • I did try running the speed test from the router but I had trouble finding a server that worked. I can try again.
  • I did put the SIM card into a spare mobile phone and run the same speed test (albeit not in the same location). The download speed was much worse than we see with the router (100 Mbps+ with the router, ~15Mbps with the phone if I recall correctly). The upload speed with the phone was better than we currently see with the router but again not nearly as good as we used to see.
  • The aerials are fixed to the wall of the building and haven't moved. There are two, mounted horizontally and at 90 degrees to each other. I have tried swapping the connections from them into the back of the router but it made no difference.
  • I thought you might ask for a troubleshooting file so I had generated one in readiness. It's now attached.
  • I agree that the 1st of January seems suspicious. However, that was the first time we had used the router for a week so it could have started prior to that.
Thank you for the information!

Let me know how it goes after the reset.

As for the troubleshoot file, I cannot see anything out of the ordinary. While the signal could be a little better, I do not think it would cause such a drop in upload speeds only. I can also see that during the troubleshoot file generation the device has dropped down to the WCDMA network, but that is most likely related to troubleshoot file generation.

Best regards,
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The change appears to be with the network provider in our case. I put a SIM from another provider in the router. Download speed wasn't as good but the upload speed was back to where we had seen it before.

We've been back to our current provider and after 90 minutes on the phone, managed to find someone who told us that one of the masts that serves us has had a big increase in usage whilst the other has developed a fault which they hope will be fixed by the weekend. We're not convinced but will give it a try. If it's still no good then we will switch provider.