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by anonymous
We have quite a few RUT240 units throughout the country that we can connect to over VPN or send/receive diagnostic information via SMS.

Unfortunately, a couple of the units were not configured 100% accurately and consequently do not have the 'Access UI' checkbox configured under the VPN connection details so we're unable to get into the configuration pages when connected with the VPN.

Is there a way to enable that option by sending an SMS command, or when connected by VPN? Otherwise it'll be some long travelling time to enable a checkbox.

I don't believe SSH is enabled as the connection says 'Refused'.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Do you mean IPsec? Or you just want to enable remote access? If so, please commands here:
by anonymous
Yes, each RUT240 has an IPsec VPN connection enabled, but a couple of the units do not have the 'Allow WebUI Access' checkbox enabled.

I will have a look through the RUT240 SMS Utilities web page and see if there's something that will enable that option, or a way to do so.
by anonymous
Command for webui: web

SMS text for example: admin01 web
by anonymous
It might work if I can enable Remote Web Access over HTTPS, would that be a variation of that?

Like 'admin01 web enable remote https access'

Then I could log straight onto the RUT240, change the VPN setting, enabling the 'Allow WebUI Access' and then turn the remote https access back off for security?
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by anonymous

can you access something over VPN inside LAN, then try to reach WebUI or ssh?
by anonymous
Unfortunately, all that is the other side of the unit is a piece of control equipment with no interface.