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by anonymous

I am using an RUT955 on legacy firmware for the NTRIP client over RS232.

I have connected a GPS receiver which is configured to output NMEA GGA data.

When i connect to my management software with a GPS antenna connected to the RUT955 and acquire GPS location selected it will connect and get an RTK fix.  

If i dont use the antenna and use an initial GGA string it connects but it does not get a fix (our software and directly to a Trimble AG542 base running RTCM caster). In the software I can briefly see its position but then it vanishes.  

I believe it is staying logged in but its not taking its location properly from the receiver.

baud rates etc are all correct both ends. Tried multiple message frequencies as well. i have seen these installed in same machines before without a GPS antenna so it must work and i have a setting wrong.


edit - testing with GGA strings.  if i use this '$GPGGA,150442.00,5121.281333,N,00115.821320,E,4,08,1.0,24.234,M,47.028,M,1.0,0000*73' at the machine it seems to work but if i use that same GGA string on restart in a machine a few hundred meters away it does not work.  I have to get a gga string from a connection made with the modems gps antenna at the location i am trying to connect and then it will connect using default gga string.

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by anonymous


Could you please tell me if there is a reason why legacy firmware is used? If it is only for the NTRip functionality, then the latest firmware version supports NTRip client.

Would it be possible for you to download a backup file and update the device to the latest firmware version and see it that resolves your issue? You can revert to the legacy version and use a backup file downloaded previously to restore configuration if needed.

Can it be that the caster simply discards the string because it has received the same/similar string from another device?

Or maybe the device does not obtain the fix because there the location obtained from the device is different from the initial string provided.

Could you please replicate the issue (to see it in the logs), download a troubleshoot file, and attach it to this question? The troubleshoot file can be downloaded from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous

I have the latest firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.04.2, and I can not find the NTRIP funcion, can you tell me how to activate it?