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by anonymous
I noticed on one particular 955 with a minimalist configuration, in the course of ironically troubleshooting,

its poor performance in delivering data  to the portal

it had burned 150MB of network bandwidth

in one day / half a day, from scratch - initial SIM config.

Is that a well known problem ? I saw no mention of it...

Are there good tools for scanning and identifying any "network leaks and sucks ?"

I would expect there to be ZERO latent un-solicited network traffic...
maybe a few blips for time-sync

The only traffic should be IoT / telemetry driven.

I'm curious how much latent traffic Remote Management adds - even while it is not actively used...
by anonymous
One more reason, to use custom, "official" openwrt-firmware for the RUT955, like we do in a large fleet.

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by anonymous


The first step would be to pinpoint what exactly is consuming data, determining the hosts and type of traffic as already suggested here.

Next, undesired traffic can be dropped by adding traffic rules in Network -> Interfaces -> Traffic rules based on zones, ports, hosts addresses.

The device itself should not be generating much traffic other than mobile IP DHCP renewals every half lease time, if enabled, RMS keepalives, failover, auto reboot interface health check in the form of ping packets. 

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