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by anonymous

Updated to TRB1_R_00.07.03.2, after this the device are unresponsive - UI do not respond and no access to Internet. Followed the instructions from but now the modem just blinks 4 times all signal, then a single blink, 4 times again etc

How can I recover from this?

Thx and regards,


2 Answers

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks Crowd support community.

To recover your device please reset the device. Check the following link on TRB140 recovery procedure.

If you will have any challenge in implementing the solution, please let me know.

Kind regards,


by anonymous

I'll done all these steps. It blinks 4 times on all strength bar led's, then a single blink on the 4th bar, then 4 times on all, in a loop.
by anonymous
Could somebody please provide me with needed files to flash rootfs_a, rootfs_b, boot_a & boot_b for my TRB140?
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by anonymous

If anybody encounters a similar issue with TRB14X devices failing to boot after update to 7.3.x firmware, a thing to note about the referenced instructions link in the original question is that rootfs compression has changed on TRB14X devices since 7.3 version, thus rootfs.ubi file found there is not valid.

For a correct file, please send me your device's product code in a private message, I will provide you with the correct file, as it is dependent on the device code.

Best regards,