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I use my RUT 950 as a 4G router (4G 
only). We use computers (windows 10) with a 'product terminal' All product terminals have been given a static IP address, the computers do not and work dynamically.

When we connect multiple systems to the router, even without a switch, there is often 1 dynamic device that cannot reach the static device. When the router is restarted, or the cables are changed, it is often the case that another dynamic terminal cannot reach its own static temrinal. Every dynamic terminal has its own satic terminal with which to communicate.
In practice, the first attempt to connect fails, the second one works, and then it continues to work.
When the temrinal is left alone, 5 minutes later the problem follows again.

When I perform a ping, I first time out. The connection is only restored on the second attempt. When I create a .bat file and continuously execute a ping (-t), everything continues to work for a day. However, this should not be the solution.

I have not changed any settings around ipranges / dhcp etc.
Gateway on the static terminals is set to together with dns The static ip addresses range from, for example, - .25 and, for example, also from 192.168.251 to 192.168.254.

I think the 4G connection is separate from it, because it is an 'internal' control within the network.

How can I lose the first time-out errors?

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can you take wireshark log when trying to access your device for first time?

Looks like arp requests won't resolve immediatly. It can be very hard to cure.
Thanks, I'm going to work with wireshark.
Is this problem specifically due to the Teltonika router?
The equipment that I use has already been rolled out on a large scale.
I don't think that RUT9 can cause problem.

In local network it just forward packets like a switch.

How your dynamic devices are connected? Over cable or wifi?
All devices are connected with a cable.

Er is no problem without the RUT...