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by anonymous

Hi all,

I had a client with an RUTX11 with one sim working fine. I upgraded him to a RUTX12 with 2 sims from 2 ISP working with load balancing with a ratio of 3/2 and while it works most of the time, there as been lots of 404 pages since the swap.

I'll attach the troubleshooting file as well as screenshots of the logs, SIM1 and 2 and failover/load balancing screen.

Failover Screen :

Logs :

SIM 1 :

SIM 2 :

Thanks for your help !

by anonymous

22/02/2023 Update : 

I've updated the router to the very last firmware and locked SIM1 on B3 which seems to be the best compromise in terms of stability/speed. 

I ended up going to B7 because speed was down but now my clients report no are reporting that Microsoft Onedrive does not work anymore on any devices... 

Troubleshooting file :

Any idea ? 

by anonymous


Comparing your latest and previous troubleshoot files I did not spot meaningful difference between the devices.

Is Microsoft Onedrive the only service that does not work/your clients are unable to access?

Is it related to any changes made to router's configuration?

Could remove one of the SIMs and check if the issue is related to only one of the operators or both?

Does the device resolve/is able to access other addresses? 

Not sure if related. but one of the things I would suggest is to increase MTU size for SIM1. To do this, login to router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces -> [mob1s1a1_settings], switch to Advanced settings and enter 1500 to Override MAC option.

Otherwise, could you pick one device, reset it to factory defaults and try again?

Best regards,

1 Answer

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by anonymous

The logs do not reveal much. Over the span of 4 logged hours, data connection was stable. Signal metrics are decent as well. The logs, however, are annoyingly flooded with DHCP requests from some TP - Link device. Would it be possible to configure a static lease for it in an attempt to avoid these messages?

For further troubleshooting, I would suggest to monitor whether the router has mobile connectivity at the moment 404 pages start popping up. One of your screenshots does indicate disconnects, would be interesting to check if the behavior is related. It would also be good to use the device with a single SIM as WAN, not in load balancing, for a while, to find if your connectivity issues are related to a certain operator or they happen regardless of the operator.

I would then need you to generate and attach a new troubleshoot file, soon after the issues with website access occurs.

Best regards,
by anonymous
As you may have gathered reading other posts of mine, I'm not really a network engineer but I'll do my best to follow your advice.

If the TP-Link device you are referring to is TL-WPA4220 5c:a6:e6:d9:bd:72 then I just provided it with a static lease at It is a consumer powerline adapter whose mission is to extend wifi in the building. I don't know why it's behaving like this but the device causes some other issues regularly...

As for the mobile connectivity issue, all I can say right now is that SIM1 was already SIM1 on the previous RUTX11 and there was no connectivity issue or at least no 404s as much as now.

I'm very weary about touching this using RMS because I'm 200km away from the router and any change that I do may lead to clients being disconnected and me not being able to solve the issue without travelling to the location... I still have some pretty bad memories...

Don't you think the problem lies in the failover/load balancing settings ? It is the first time I use this feature and I clearly felt out of my depth setting it up. For instance I tried to remove WAN from the Load Balancing table and the router lost connectivity to the internet immediately even though WAN is down and MOB1S1A1 and MOB2S1A1 were still up...

I'm obviously doing something wrong here but I just don't know what and why.

Here is the new troubleshoot file so you can tell me if the DHCP has been fixed :

EDIT : Looking at the logs again just now and it looks like while RUTX12 is providing the correct leased IP, TL-WPA4220 is still spamming DHCP request...

Thanks for your help and your patience.
by anonymous

Load balancing simply distributes connections between available interfaces based on the configured ratio.

Troubleshoot file indicates very different uptimes for mobile interfaces:

 interface mob1s1a1 is online 05h:48m:05s, uptime 05h:48m:18s and tracking is active
 interface mob2s1a1 is online 17h:56m:18s, uptime 17h:56m:30s and tracking is active

My assumption is that the last time you had 404 errors was exactly before interface mob1s1a1 went up. If it does indeed correlate to the disconnects, then my only suggestion would be to try updating modem firmware. Unfortunately, the procedure requires reliable secondary WAN connectivity, preferably wired, as modem itself will become unavailable during update.

Alternatively, it can done locally, by downloading firmware file, and using external USB drive. Full instructions are provided here, they also apply to your device.

However, both ways are not easily implemented remotely.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Is there an updated firmware for only the modems ? Where can I find it ?

What do you think of my load balancing setup ?
by anonymous
I don't know if you can see it in the logs but SIM1 seems to lose connection more frequently than SIM2 and I've noticed that it is switching betweenn B3 and B7 and never aggregating while SIM2 looks more stable and aggregating. Is it possible to force Carrier Aggregation on a SIM by selecting manual bands ?
by anonymous

Modem firmware is explained here, together with download links.

Nothing wrong with your load balancing setup, if your aim is to distribute more connections through SIM1.

Carrier aggregation is mostly determined by the modem, and its algorithms are developed by Quectel. You can, however, set the bands modem uses for carrier aggregation. How to do it is explained in the following video:

Best regards,