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by anonymous


Sometimes on certain customer plants, the RMS service isn't working with the RUT955/956 due probably to network firewall settings.
How could I test the ports opening, following this list :

What IP addresses and ports are used by RMS? - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

There is a diagnostic page ? Would be useful

A script than i can load ?
Commands than I could use ?

Thanks for any replies.

Best regards.

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by anonymous



Could you clarify why you believe that this could be related to the firewall?

Do the devices show up as offline? Perhaps they actually lose the internet connection?

Generally, for firewall troubleshooting command iptables is used with its arguments. For example, iptables -L lists all of the rules used by the firewall to determine what to do with the packet. To get all of the available iptables commands, use the command iptables -h.

To restart the firewall, command /etc/init.d/firewall restart can be used.


Best regards,

by anonymous
I'm talking of the firewall of the WAN network where the RUT is connected.

I belive there is issue on the customer firewall because the ports 15009 and 15010 arn't open.

I'm looking for a solution, from the teltonika to teste the connection on every service compatible and see which port isn't reachable or IP.

I think maybe the telnet command could bring me the information for the TCP but not for the UDP.