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by anonymous

I was using the RUT950 output 4pin connector to turn on and off LED via sms( output on and off), which worked perfectly fine. When I tried to connect the digital non-isolated input (4pin connector) GREEN 3, in order to send sms to recipients, which worked. But the Output ORANGE 4 stopped working and remained high throughout.

When I tried to turn it on it shows 9V and when turned off it’s shows 12V but wasn’t like this before.

Maybe something is broken or is there a setting that I need to do to revert it to how it was before?

In summary, the output high or low level gives 9V. And when I go to output configuration, turn off reads 12V and turn on reads 9V. What could be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

Could you attach a diagram of how you connected the wiring for digital input (pin 3)?

If this started happening afterward, it could indicate a hardware fault. However, a few suggestions I could make would be to:

  • Factory reset the device using the bootloader method;
  • Update the firmware to the latest version.
Also, when applying load after the digital output has been disabled, does the voltage stay at 9V?

In theory, these outputs have a binary state - on or off, they should not be in between, so it may be that 9V is just residual voltage that goes away after any load is applied.


Best regards,

by anonymous

Hello dear


Thank you very much for your comment.

  • The initial connection was only LED with 1K resistor. The PIN 4  was connected to the LED negative in order to turn it ON/OFF with the digital output pin 4.
  • The issue started when I connected Pin 3 and  Pin 4 together to ground in order to send SMS to recipient with PIN3 depending on digital output PIN 4 state
  • The Pin 4 output started malfunctioning even after I have remove Pin 3, i.e., the LED remained high as the voltage is between 9V and 12V, and no 0V between different states
  • The Pin 3 sends SMS when it is connected to either ground or 12V on its own. The LED is almost 30% brightness when Pin3 is connected to its negative leg.


There is definitely a residual voltage that is permanent with or without load applied. Even after I have set the digital output default state to LOW, the LED comes ON immediately I plug the router to Power.

When load is applied whether the digital output is turned on/off it drops to 7V. Without load, the low and high states shows 9V and 12V, respectively. When I connect LED, I can see that the LED brightness increases/decreases at different state but it does not go off at low state.


I have tried to follow the example for factory reset via bootloader method


But I am getting error (incorrect checksum) when I upload (Firmware upgrade URL: the latest firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.03.4).


What could be the issue with the firmware file?


Thank you for your response in advance.

by anonymous



Your device most likely has an older bootloader version, thus you'll need to first upload firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.2, and from the WebUI of this version, RUT9_R_00.07.03.4 can be installed. It might be worth checking the output state with the old firmware as well.

However, at least now it sounds like this might be a hardware failure, and the device should be sent to RMA if you believe that it was a fault within the device itself.


Best regards,