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HI all,

I have started evaluating a RUT240 and find myself trying to change the Web UI parameters without success. The defaults will always show after a refresh of the page.

I try to set:

  • Enable HTTP access = off
  • Redirect to HTTPS = on
  • Change the server certificate and key
Has anyone experienced the same issue?

I have active RUT240 but didn't experience such problems with settings HTTP/HTTPS in WebUI, like yourse, so not sure what's the reason for this. I used every latest versions RutOS 07.01, 02 and 03, now.
Did you try to possibly change Web Browser or use privacy mode or reset device to factory settings?

Anyway, I don't know if this might help you, but you can navigate to: System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot > check System log SHOW button to view latest logs that might reveal some issue with saving changed settings with Access Control or display some errors while using WebUI.

Alternatively, you can try to log-in to CLI via SSH. Access Control Settings [with SSH/HTTP/HTTPS] are being stored at location: /etc/config/uhttpd (so you can type more uhttpd to check active settings underneath RutOS).
You can set new values for config HTTPS section with using UCI commands, I guess, so you can check article about it:

I guess this is all I can provide you at my level. Good Luck.
Kind Regards, Robert.

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Hi Robert,

thanks for your input.
I started by factory resetting my RUT240. Then I upgraded (2 step) to the latest RUTOS version RUT2_R_00.07.03.4.
I then proceeded to configure the router and noticed that I was unable to change the WebUI settings.
I finally edited the /etc/configure/uhttpd file to make the necessary changes, incl. my self signed server certificate which where also being ignored by the WebUI.

Most of my changes now show up in the WebUI setting page except the certificate and key file names. These fields still show the default values.

I'm still unable to make changes through the WebUI. I will look again in the system logs to see if I can cache any error messages.

Thanks for pointing be to the UCI, I will give it a try.


Best answer
Hi Robert,
I decided to factory reset the router and that fixed the problem.

Thanks again for your input.