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by anonymous

I started having strange issues on new RUT955. It worked pretty fine couple of months, but now there are some issues:

- Originally there was mobile network drop and mob1-down messages in log. It came back after few minutes automatically. Operator confirmed it, but they said it was terminated from modem side. Network was fine.

- I updated the firmware and it seemed to work OK. But, then I started to notice strange freezes in network if there was heavy traffic (5-40Mbs) on mobile network. Speedtest was easy way to see this, as it started normally with rather low ping and ~20Mbs download, but then everything freezes. Ping to didn't go through. After continuous download request was no longer, it came back to life.

- I also tried to reset modem to factory settings, no success.

Attached couple different log files. 15.1. was the original, 16.1. should be with updated firmware and rest are newer

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by anonymous


The logs do not indicate much, as they are mostly spammed by DHCP requests by ESP devices. No disconnects are indicated.

I would like you to try the latest 7.3.4 firmware release, by updating with Keep settings option set to off

Otherwise, if the issue persists, a modem module firmware update can be attempted. I would send you instructions via a private message.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for your answer, I will try the latest firmware within couple of days. I'll let you know how it goes.
by anonymous

I updated the firmware:

Firmware version


Firmware build date

2023-03-03 16:32:39

Internal modem firmware version


Kernel version


Settings not saved and wizard completed after update.

Still the same issue, connection freezes when downloading anything bigger. Please, see attached screen capture about it:

Surprisingly, the issue is no longer in last part of the video? Nothing was changed during the tests. 

by anonymous


Could you attach a troubleshoot file from the 7.4 firmware device, with ESP devices disconnected, to avoid flooding the logs and after performing some speedtests, with connection freezes present.

I have also noticed a different modem firmware from the comment above and the version indicated in troubleshoot files. Did you try the update, and was it the latest listed version by modem_updater?

Best regards,