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by anonymous

We had a unit (RUT240 - firmware below) returned to us as it was not connecting to Mobile network, (note: customer did not have login credentials and therefore could not make changes which may cause problem). We Logging in - it seemed to have all correct Mobile config, and settings. However Mobile Connection Status page remained totally blank with no error messages. I have not seen this before.

  We then did a factory reset and reloaded configuration profile. It connected immediately to the mobile network and on the bench has been stable for 2 days.

Can you offer any insight to this occurrance? Could this be a hardware issue? can the unit be safetly redeployed into the field?

Teltonika RUT240 LTE

Firmware version RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.5

Kernel version 3.18.44

Bootloader version 3.2.2

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by anonymous


It is difficult to tell the reason without some device logs, while the issue was present.

One preventative action you can perform is to update your device firmware to the latest. Download link is here. Please update with Keep settings option set to off

Be aware that his will delete device's configuration.

Best regards,