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by anonymous

Being in the need of remotely connecting through 4G VPN a couple of network printers, are there any hints on opting for a gateway (eg TRB140) or a router (RUT200/240/241)? Except for the documented features, is there any specific reason to choose a category over the other? Theoretically, a router is a gateway and vice versa, so I ask if someone could help. I'll need, obviously, an unmanaged switch between device and printers. I apologise in advance for this **VERY** basic question.

Thank you.

by anonymous
Kindly refer to the answers below, Thank you.

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by anonymous

it will work with TRB140 and with router. I tried similar solution with ZeroTier and OpenVPN. Once you set it up propperly then it's straight forward. I prefer TRB140, as it's compact, but very powerful. This would be my recommendation...

Have a good one!
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If you just need to connect a couple of network printers through VPN, yes TRB140 with a switch will do the job. We have information regarding this on how to configure it. Kindly refer to these links: TRB140 VPNZeroTier Configuration.

Using our Routers (RUTs) will be beneficial as well since it has some different features such as providing Wi-Fi for clients, more ports, different speed, etc. It really depends on your use case, but based on what you provide, you pretty much just need to connect to a couple of network printers thus, making TRB140 for example a sufficient solution.

Note that you can use the comparison page from our website for you to be able to compare our different products (up to 4 devices).

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