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by anonymous
Hi guys,

I'm trying to read the values from my RUTX09 via modbus in Home Asistant. Works fine so far (temperature, RSSI and so on are looking legit). But the data usage is strange. See the pictures attached.

Any idea what is going on here?


2 Answers

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by anonymous



A few things to note:

  • The data is returned in bytes. I'm not sure if HA is doing some conversions here, but that could misrepresent the data;
  • Instead of 304 and 306 addresses, try using 305 and 307. Different Modbus devices represent data differently;
  • Try returning the Day data usage, and see if that looks good. If it does, it might be related to the fact that the device was updated recently, as Modbus takes the data usage from a different endpoint when compared to Modbus;
Let me know how it goes!


Best regards,

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by anonymous
Hi. thank you for your answer. :)

The daily usage is completely correct. I restarted the router today. Now via modbus daily and weekly are the same values. In the webinterface they are different.

The adresses are correct as well. Because temperature, rssi and stuff are working. I guess I will use the daily since it is working and build the rest in HA with a daily, weekly (and so on) integration (math function).