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Hi - I have a RUT360 on a remote network.  The RUT360 is providing DHCP etc., and works really well.  Another device on the network has Tailscale set as an exit node, and I can access all other devices on the network (cameras, printers, servers) via Tailscale as you'd expect.

The weird thing is that I struggle to acces the RUT360 itself.  Either its webpage doesn't load, or it does but when I get to enter the username it says "The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again.".  Sometimes I can get it to load in Edge instead of Chrome, and sometimes when it has loaded in Edge I can switch to Chrome and then it loads.  But it always takes me about 10 minute of trying before eventually it lets me log in.  Then everything is fine.

It's not a big deal - I very rarely need to log into the router, but it's super frustrating when I do!  Does anyone know why it might be?  I just updated to RUT36X_R_00.07.04 hoping that would make a difference but it hasn't.  (I don't want to have Tailscale on the RUT360 as my exit node as it may get changed to ADSL/fibre or to the backup RUT240 if there is a problem with it.)

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Could you please share more information about your configuration? It would also be great if you could provide a topology.

I assume all of your devices are configured to use the Exit Node as the default gateway. What about your RUT device? Also, are you advertising the correct subnets? It might be a routing issue.

It is hard to say where the issue could be without seeing the configuration.

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The Tailscale device is not configured as an Exit Node - it's purely there because the RUT360 is behind CGNAT, so this gives me a way to VPN into the network.  I'm pretty sure the subnet is correctly configured, as I have perfect access to every other device on the network.

I can't seem to add drawings - sorry.  Is it because my account is unverified or something?

I can access PC1/CAM1/AP1 and a load of other devices on the network with no problem, but accessing the RUT360 through the Tailscale node is very difficult.  Sometimes it works (and when it works it works consistently - i.e. I can log in and out with no problems) but other days it is just impossible to log in.  Either the login page doesn't load, or I get an 'Device unreachable' error (or something like that).  My red line is the link from my remote PC to the Tailscale node, with the green line being the path 'back' to the RUT360...

I've copied logs from unsuccessful login attempts into separate comments below(for some reason I'm being told I'm over 12,000 characters...)  Do they give you any insight into what's happening?

I checked the blocklist in /etc/config but it was empty.