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by anonymous
we would like to port the configuration from a RUT240 to a RUT241. I know this is not possible using the export-import configuration since it is not applicable on different devices/models.
Can we use UCI commands to perform this task? In case, which is the correct procedure? Using UCI export/import or sending each UCI commands one-by-one?

If with UCI is not possible, are there anyb other ways to obtain the same?


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by anonymous


If you have your devices added to Teltonika's remote management system (RMS) and UCI is your preferred way of configuring the routers, then I would suggest to write a script including all of the configuration options you want to set on a new device. Next, you would need to create a task in RMS platform web page. Lastly, you can select all the devices you want to upload the configuration to and execute the script for all of them at the same time.

For reference on how to use uci commands, refer here. Be aware, that actual commands and options in your device will probably differ, thus, for the actual option names, check the device itself. For example, to list wireless options and values, use command:

  • uci show wireless

You can find more details on RMS Task manager here.

Otherwise, you can try to copy only configuration files from the backup file or RUT240 itself and move them to RUT241 using scp/WinSCP, as instructed in this page, since configuration interface is unified between the devices. The directory with the configuration files is /etc/config. Exclude system configuration file, as device firmware and device product code options differ between RUT240 and RTU241. Also, before moving configuration files, make sure firmware versions match between the devices.

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