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by anonymous
A RUT951 is being installed on a customer's LAN. The RUT will use the customer's LAN as its primary WAN, but has a SIM card installed as well. I have configured failover between the Customer's LAN and Mobile and confirmed it works.

However, if the customer's LAN comes back up, the RUT keeps routing traffic via the Mobile network. Is this intended behavior, or is there some way to encourage it to un-fail back?

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by anonymous


The device should switch back to its primary WAN, once the connection is reestablished, however, since all failover interfaces are active while online, connections established during the time primary WAN was down may still be routed through the mobile interface after its recovery.

I would like you to login to router's interface, navigate to Network -> Failover, edit each failover interface settings and modify Flush connections on option the following way:

See if that helps.

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