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by anonymous
Hi, i have the following situation. I'm trying to do a port fowarding (port 502), in such a way that connection that comes from the local network trough WAN port go to the port 502 of PLC ( The RUT 300 has a static IP LAN  It is necessary VLAN? Thaks a lot

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by anonymous


Is there a particular reason why you're not using Private IP addresses within your LAN network?

To forward traffic from the WAN interface of your router on port 502 to another device in your LAN, you can set up a port forwarding rule in the Network -> Firewall -> Port Forwards section (here).

  • Protocol: TCP
  • Source zone: WAN
  • External port: 502
  • Internal zone: LAN
  • Internal IP: IP address of LAN device to forward to.
  • Internal port: 502

If you are having issues, please, attach a troubleshoot file to your question by editing it. Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

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by anonymous
Hi, I've already tried the port forwards but it didn't work. I belive it is not configured the gateway address in the PLC (i can't verify it). It's possible? Thanks a lot.