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When are you guys going to settle for an admin page layout and look. we currently have 3 different versions of the admin page in our stock, this drives our installers helpdesk and documentation a bit mad. We were hoping on a more stable product when choosing to use teltonika as modum for our IOT devices.

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Apologies if constant changes and updates are causing inconveniences for you and your clients.

The major driver for such changes is to always keep improving the user experience and ease of use of the interface. This includes increased speed and responsiveness of the interface, inclusion of new features and configuration options, more accessible layouts of services and functionalities, as well as a general look and feel of the interface.

It is always advised to keep the device up to date, to have latest features and solutions for existing issues. This would help to unify configuration for all of the devices. In addition, each update is reflected in official Teltonika Wiki page to help with configuration of devices, with latest firmware, which you can look up.

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