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by anonymous
Hi, I have a RUTX11 with about 50 devices connected to it over wifi (no internet, just one router). One device needs to transmit low latency video to all the others (49 in this example).

When there are just 2 receiving devices the latency is bearable. But every additional device clogs the bandwidth and drastically increases latency.

Is it possible to broadcast just one "copy" of the stream to all the clients, avoiding a cumulative effect on bandwidth and latency? It doesn't have to be secure, it doesn't have to target specific clients (can blindly broadcast to any device on the network, if it saves bandwidth), it doesn't have to care how many clients are listening or how many packets are dropped.

If it were analog radio the amount of listeners would be unlimited, is something like this possible with wifi?

If it's physically impossible to do with a single teltonika router, what is then the hardware necessary to achieve low latency video over wireless lan to many clients? Thanks!

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by anonymous



What you are most likely looking for is multicast. Our router does support it and nothing additional needs to be enabled (as long as the communication happens within the same network).

However, you'll need to configure your streaming device to send all of the traffic using multicast. This is dependent on the manufacturer and their implementation, but as an example, here are the instructions on how this could be achieved on a Hikvision camera.

Let me know if any additional information is needed!


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