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by anonymous

I want to change the Failover metrics and delete the default rule. How to execute the command correctly? Can only be done via the Web Interface
I use

uci set network.mob1s1a1.metric='1'

uci set network.mob2s1a1.metric='2'

uci set network.svi808.metric='3'

uci set mwan3.mob1s1a1_member_mwan.metric='1'

uci set mwan3.mob2s1a1_member_mwan.metric='2'

uci set mwan3.svi806_member_mwan.metric='3'

uci del mwan3.default_rule.dest_ip=''

uci del mwan3.default_rule.use_policy='mwan_default'

uci commit mwan3 

uci commit network

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by anonymous


Could you provide more details about what is it that you want to achieve? 

Regarding the commands, you are using, the first three related to network configuration are not necessary, as well as uci commit network.

Though in addition, at the end of your script you could add:

  • /etc/init.d/network restart

Also, for each interface, reset current connections by adding the following options:

  • uci set mwan3.<interface>.flush_conntrack='connected'
  • uci add_list mwan3.<interface>.flush_conntrack='disconnected'
Replace <interface> with mob1s1a1, mob2s1a1 and svi806.
Alternatively, the default rule can be deleted using the following command:
  • while uci -q delete mwan3.default_rule; do :; done

However, be aware that without the default rule, load balancing might not work, and all the traffic will be forwarded through the interface with the highest metric at the time.

Best regards,