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by anonymous

My VPN Hub contains a user client and a RUT240 (Online) client configured with the RMS connected and a sim card

Before connecting my router in LAN with a plc I wanted to connect via RMS VPN to ping the router config page but no response

I open the vpn config file with OpenVPN Connect

Which test would allow me to ensure the right connection?

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by anonymous


Does your OpenVPN client on the PC connects successfully?

What IP address do you use to ping the RUT240? In case you use the private IP address of your RUT240, you need to add a route to it via RMS VPN Hub. If you do not add a route to the LAN network of your RUT240, your PC (VPN client) will not be aware of the RUT240 LAN network and that it can reach it via OpenVPN tunnel. I suggest you take a look at our video available here (at 3:15 sets up the LAN route to the device). The video shows how to set up a route to a PLC. In case you want to add a route to a device or a whole LAN network of devices on RUT240 LAN, you can add a manual route. For example, with netmask of to route network via RMS VPN. Just replace with your own LAN network.

When you add the route, make sure you restart the VPN HUB from the VPN Hubs -> General page in RMS and download a new config (ovpn) file from the VPN Hubs -> Clients tab.

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by anonymous


My OpenVPN client is connecting successfully.
The Lan of my RUT240 is activated on the address I have indeed created a route on my VPN Hub using my Device.
I have addressed via Ethernet my PLC on the address that I can ping. My device is well Online on the RMS thanks to the sim card.

For the next step I connect on the LAN of the RUT240 this PLC and via the OpenVPN connection, I try to ping PLC (or the router configuration page). But nothing. 

My Virtual IP address is and my pc is connected in

Thanks for your advice

by anonymous


The troubleshooting will be continued here.

Best regards,