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by anonymous
I have bought a RUTX50 to make use of the 5G performance for my network. I have a simple question. Can I do in combination with RMS a network scan to see what devices are connected to the network (a list of MAC and IP addresses with evt some extra information as in hostnames ed)?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Kind of yeah: RMS enables remote access to both the router's WebUI and also router's CLI. From the CLI, first login (user: root, password: yourRouterPassword) then type...

arp -a 

... the router will return a list of all connected devices as MAC, IP, and interface. I'm not sure if there are options to have arp show hostnames?

by anonymous
Thanks. Normally a lan scan comes with hostname, IP address and MAC to fully identify the connected device. I like to have some of my devices with a static ip.